Fairy Glen, Skye

Although categorised here under 'natural wonders', this place is actually supernatural. It is also not well known - there are no roadsigns to point the way. Luckily, it isn't too difficult to find, just a short way off the main A87 south of Uig.

Leave the main road at NG397633, just by the Uig Hotel, climbing the hill on the wee road signed to Sheadar and Balnaknock. The fairies live about a mile up here. You'll certainly know when you have reached their special place.

Winter in the Fairy GlenDo go walking about. There is a whole lot more to see in this glen than at first it seems. I particularly recommend an exploration of the area behind the highest point - the distinctive and obvious peak called Castle Ewen.  The peak itself is much more easily ascended than you would imagine when you first see it from the road. It's no more than a stroll to the summit.

Summit of Castle Ewen

All around here, on both sides of the road, wandering around will be rewarded with fantastic landforms and inexplicable oddities. If anything puzzles you, don't try to find a rational explanation.  It is simply the magic of the fairies.